Dragon Ball JusEdition Ultimate Mugen for iOS/Android Download


Download DBZ JusEdition Ultimate Mugen

Hello guys, a new Dragon Ball Z Mugen for Android & iOS has been released with more than 40 characters from Dragon Ball Super and Z. It contains only the main heroes and villain Characters of dragon Ball. The game can be installed in any version of Android above 4.1 and any iOS Mobiles. The size is only 178MB, it doesn't takes much Memory space to be installed and runs smoother on mobiles. You don't need any Exagear or any other pc Emulator. It's a Direct APK file that you can download by clicking on the buttons below.

Additional Information

  • Size - 178MB
  • Platform - Android/iOS
  • Gameplay - 2D Mugen Pixelated
  • Genre - Fighting
  • Publisher - Getfree2download.com

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