Hello Everyone, today I am going to Introduce a new Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team mod for PPSSPP that contains new Moro Final form with his all previous Transformations and unique New attacks. This iso contains not only Moro but even more new characters.


Game Features

  • Moro - This one is perhaps is the best Features of this new modded iso, I said perhaps because this iso has majority of New features so it's difficult to figure out which one is the best Feature. So Moro is probably the most excellent Feature because Moro is a new and the most powerful villain till now. Moro is made up off anime 
  • G.O.D  Angel Goku - It's a hybrid Transformation of Goku and it's a non canon Transformation and also a fan made form. This model of Goku has the power of God of description and the angel together. It performs new unique attacks and aura and everything looks so over powered.
  • Menu - It comes with a menu that you can easily set on the iso and then you can avoid the time consuming search of the character because the menu will help you to find each character in his correct place.
  • Trunks Ssj4 - again a new form of a saiyan character called trunks, trunks is also one of the main saiyan characters of dragon Ball. This form looks so powerful and is really powerful

How To Download DBZ TTT mods on Android:-

  • First of all download the PSP emulator latest version on your android phone. I suggest to download PSP from Google Playstore and if you've got already a PSP emulator so confirm to update that to the most recent .
  • After installed PSP now download any of those mods which you wish.
  • After downloading , check the file format of downloaded file, if it's ISO so you'll just start play this game on your PSP emulator but if it's Rar, Zip & 7z rather than ISO so you've got to extract it first by using 7Zipper or RAR app. You can use anyone, and after extract just choose the ISO file & start play the sport within the PSP emulator.

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